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Silver DualShock 3 is exclusive to GameStop

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Silver DualShock 3 is exclusive to GameStop

Post by The Joker on Sun 26 Apr 2009, 7:12 pm


It looks like the previous rumors of the Silver DualShock 3 getting a release in North America are now confirmed care of GameStop's weekly ad. Ooh, shiny! As you can see on the Coming Soon section of the ad, they're boasting that the Silver DualShock 3 will be sold exclusively through them.

Well, not to burst their bubble because the same thing can be bought in Amazon already - however, it's of the Japanese version. Ahwell.

Moving on, according to GameStop's product listing, the shiny North American SIXAXIS controller will be available starting June 24 for US$ 55. And if this controller's set in stone now - complete with a teaser ad and all - the question remains: will confirmation of the North American Silver PS3 follow?

im just fine with my black one.

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