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The Godfater II

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The Godfater II

Post by dom_mc_cfc1 on Wed 29 Apr 2009, 11:29 am

Game Title: The Godfather II
What Did You Enjoy About The Game?: The Don's View, The Fact That You Could Start Up Your Own Family And Let Them Do The Dirty Work For You!
Was There Anything In The Game You Did Not Like?: Yes, You Have To Have Online To Rank Up Your Family's Gun Licence, And I Did Not Enjoy The Online Game Play.
Did It Have Online? Was It AnyGood?: Yes, It Had Online. Me Personaly, I Did Not Like The Online Gameplay!
Was The Story Mode Intresting?: Well Yes, I Enjoyed The Story Line. You Get To Dominate 3 Maps. New York, Florida And Cuba.
Was It A Good Storyline?: Yes, I Thought The Storyline Was Amazing, But It Was Too Short!
Would You Recomend It?Yes, If You Love The Godfather Series, This Is A Must Buy!
How Much Is It On The Market?:£39.99
What Was The Rating Out Of 100?: I Would Give It An 80/100.. The Story Line Was Too Short.
Other Comments?: The Game's Storyline Took Me Under 10 Hours To Complete.


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