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Read Here Before Posting!

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Read Here Before Posting!

Post by dom_mc_cfc1 on Tue 21 Apr 2009, 3:37 am

Ok, Here Is Were You Will Challenge Another Member(s) On This Forum.
Please Copy And Past And Fill In The Instructions To A New Topic.

-[b]PSN/Xbox Tag/Wii Code/Username:[/b]
-[b]How Many People You Wan't To Play: [/b]
-[b]*How Much Are You Willing To Bet: [/b]
-[b]What Game: [/b]
-[b]Spectators: [/b]
-[b]Additional Information: [/b]
If You Have A Match Ready To Go Post It In The Official Challenges Forum.

Remember, This Is For Fun.


*Forum Money Only.


PSN ID: dom_mc_cfc1
If You Have Found Any Of My Topics Or Posts Useful, Please +R Me. Thanks.

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